The Aubenas Vals Lanas aeroclub located on the Aerodrome of Lanas (road of Joyeuse at the end of the deviation of the “Chapelle sur Aubenas”)* welcomes you to make you discover the pleasures of Aeronautics.


You want to do the "baptism of the air" that you have always dreamed of. The flying club will be happy to make you discover the Ardèche seen in high.
Flight of 30 minutes 170 € the flight with one, 2 or 3 people (limited by the total weight).
Attention: Mandatory certificate signed by the 2 parents for minors


You think you learn to fly an airplane and "hold the handle", feel the sensations of flying. The initiation flight is for you... Come and make a flight with an instructor from the club.
Briefing with your instructor, 30-minute flight and debriefing after the flight.


If you want to learn a little more about flying a light aircraft, you can sit on board our aircraft alongside an instructor at the Aubenas Vals Lanas Aeroclub!

You will thus live the first flying lessons of a student in training, during 2 or 5 hours of flight (depending on the pack chosen).

Your instructor will explain the basics of flying an aircraft during a briefing preceding each flight, then you will carry out with him the pre-flight visit of the aircraft before settling on board.

In 2 hours (3 flights of about 45 minutes) or 5 hours (about 7 flights) you will learn the basics of flying.

Price of the packs:
- 2 hours 550 €
- 5 hours : 950 €
Mandatory club and FFA (including insurance) registrations are included in the price.
If the experience is successful, you can continue in the club near your home once you return home (FFA license valid all year)


You are already licensed and patented in another club.
After a registration with the club and a mandatory release (whatever the level of the pilot) by one of our instructors you can fly our planes without limitation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

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